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waterproof ugg boots for women|shop uggs sale waterproof ugg boots for women,shop uggs sale,ugg moccasins slippers,uggs boots for women on sale,ugg coupons promo codes,ugg boots kids clearance 2 killed in shooting in Jacksonville restaurant parking lot Two people are dead in a shooting Sunday in a restaurant parking lot on Jacksonville's Westside. Police said surveillance footage shows the two men in a truck interacting with several people in another vehicle before they were shot, said spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Police were called to the shooting at the Golden Corral restaurant at 7043 Normandy Blvd. The restaurant is just east of Interstate 295. She said the victims, described as men in their early 20s, appeared to know the attackers. "We don't believe this is a random shooting," she said. One of the victims died at the scene, and the second died after he was taken to a hospital. The shooting happened in a side parking lot of the restaurant. Bujeda said pictures of the suspect's vehicle would be released by police. Our elected officials and others have a job to do, they get paid large salaries but their time in office is limited, they may not be around long enough to care about solving these types of problems. Given this city's recent history of violence and notoriety as Florida murder capital, one would know by now if our city leaders had a plan in place. It doesn't seem that way. In an emerging move to help identify areas newcomers might want to avoid, FLAP Florida League Against Progress, announced that the restaurant will hereby be referred to as "OK Corral". FLAP went on to state that the City is well poised to deal with mid Westside disfavor thanks to the sprawling Oak Leaf complex even further west and in the event Oak Leaf pales, no doubt a Silver Leaf will appear, perhaps in an entirely different county. Some area developments might likely be renamed in the newcomer guide "Reconsidering Your Move". Areas with leading titles such as "Antler Ridge", "Quail Hollow", "Fox Run","Hunter's Trace","Bear Run" et al could be referred to as 'Vicious Cycle' Unit 1,2,3 etc. The politicians are using crime as a method to get elected. The strong Republican voting block, in Northeast Florida, has chosen those that represent since the early 1980's. From the lowest office, to the highest office. The electorate has allowed this problem to affect what, seems like, the majority of the populate. It still is not affecting all. There are many that are not. That does not lessen the impact that it has on those, like these two young men, that it is impacting. We do need to get past the policies that have not had an impact, since the 1980's. New and better representation could be that for the populous. Changing the form of representation from the Republicans may not make it any worst. Funny that TU did not post what race the victims or the perps are. Is this another black on black crime? If so, where are the 400 who rallied yesterday? Oh that's right, it is okay for blacks to slaughter other blacks. How many people where killed just this weekend by the actions of another person. It is sad to see this type of behavior being allowed to happen and by that I mean, for the most part, many of these crimes are committed by blacks against other blacks and the black leaders and population of this city (and in most all the other cities in our nation) do nothing and say nothing. What a shame. It's too early to tell exactly what happened in this particular situation. It is, however, obvious that a number of innocent people have very recently been murdered in Jacksonville during the commission of forcible felonies, and so many people have responded that "something has to be done" to stop such violence. and that is to be trained and licensed to carry a concealed firearm. Over one million Florida citizens have done so, but, again, apparently these innocent victims were not among them. Obviously, no one can rely upon the police to be by their side at the moment when their life is in danger. Nor should they have to. Where are the protests to educate the public in self defense? While the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman situation is indeed unique for obvious reasons, it all boiled down to the Florida law regarding the reasonable use of deadly force in self defense. "Stand your ground" was never the issue, and those who followed the case carefully know that "stand your ground" was abandoned early on in the trial. The jury was tasked with the enormous responsibility of determining whether Zimmerman "reasonably" believed that the use of deadly force was necessary to save himself from great bodily harm at the time he used it. Based upon the evidence presented at trial, the jury concluded that the answer was "yes". The jury concluded that, for whatever reason, Zimmerman was taking quite a beating from Trayvon Martin, and that Zimmerman's screams for help were not saving him from that beating. The prosecution did everything it could to diminish the notion that Zimmerman reasonably believed such a thing. The evidence does indeed suggest that Zimmerman "profiled" Trayvon Martin as a criminal, and Zimmerman admits to having followed him, at least at first. As crude as it sounds, the simple truth is that there are no criminal laws against doing either of those things. Zimmerman carried a concealed weapon, for which he was trained and licensed by the State. The weapon was fully loaded, and ready to fire, but it turns out that anybody who is so trained and licensed is taught to have their weapon in no other condition than that. Zimmerman's injuries could have been much worse, but Florida law does not require any injuries at all in determining whether one acted reasonably in the use of deadly force. only that they truly "reasonably" believed in was necessary. As we look at Jacksonville's recent murder victims, we must ask if they should have "profiled" their assailants as "possible criminals". If they had done so, and formulated a plan of response, might they still be alive? And, if their actions in self defense were ever questioned as reasonable, would it not have been better that they lived to defend those actions in a court of law? Lastly, the issue of "justice" has come full circle in that Zimmerman is now the target of being killed by those who disagree with the verdict of a court of law. Where are the protests against such thinking? Where are the protests against those who cast aside the rule of law in favor of their own ideas of vigilante justice? I read other sources that this was yet again African American males killing other African American males. What action is the African American community taking to work with the teens and 20 somethings in their community to see if they can break the cycle? I have volunteered at so many events where the majority of the participants are African American, but the majority of the volunteers are White. Where are the African American volunteers? waterproof ugg boots for women,shop uggs sale,ugg moccasins slippers,uggs boots for women on sale,ugg coupons promo codes,ugg boots kids clearance